How to Properly Care for Cat Litter Boxes

How To Properly Care For Cat Litter Boxes

If you have only one cat in your home, properly caring for the litter box is a synch. You just can just use a pooper scooper everyday and add clean litter every other day. That is, if you use scoop able litter. No matter what you use, you should scoop out the solid pieces everyday. If you have more than one cat, you should have at least two cat litter boxes. When there is more than one cat in the house, they will not always use the same litter box as the other cats.

Proper Care Of Cat Litter Boxes

The key to proper care of cat litter boxes is to make sure that your cats use only the boxes for urinating and defecating. If they are not happy with the amount of litter or the mess that builds up, you will soon have a problem. Getting the cat urine smell out of your house is not easy once a cat starts going on your carpet or furniture.

Clumping Litter for Litter Boxes

Clumping litter is a good kind to use for litter boxes because you can remove both urine and feces each time you scoop. You should have litter boxes that are deep and contain enough litter. Many people try to save money by using only a small amount of litter. You will have problems eventually. Cats like to be able to cover their messes and if you don’t have the litter deep enough, they will eventually find a better place to relieve themselves.

If you are keeping the cat litter boxes fresh and clean and your cat still goes to the bathroom outside the box, you need to take them to a veterinarian because this is usually an indication that they are having a urinary tract problem. Cats do get infections sometimes, and one of the signs is that they stop using their boxes.

Simple Cat Litter Boxes Are the Best

If you are wondering what type of cat litter boxes you should have in your home, it is usually best to have simple ones. Have a separate cat box for each cat you have. Make sure that they are deep and large. Your cat needs to have enough room to move around inside his/her litter box. If they don’t have enough room to move around they may look for another place to go to the bathroom.

It is best to have deep cat litter boxes so that you can put a lot of litter in each one. With more litter it is easier for your cat to dig and cover their waste. This is a natural thing for a cat to do. If they can’t do it because their boxes are too small or don’t have enough litter, you will have a problem.

I think one of the best cat litter boxes is one that does not have a lid. The cat can move around more easily and if it is scooped out daily, it does not cause a problem with odor. A simple deep plastic box that is put in a quiet private place seems to work the best for my cat. We don’t ever have mistakes outside the box.

If you have multiple cats, you should have several boxes. You can put them in different locations throughout your house. The cats will get to know where they are and you just need to keep them clean. If you have multiple cats, it is best to put the boxes in different locations, because you may have a dominant cat that is keeping the others away from one of the boxes. Having several in different locations, makes it easier for the less dominant cats to use a completely different box in a different room.

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