Announcement: Best Way of Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

Best Way of Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

If you have just a basic plastic box the best way of cleaning cat litter boxes is to scoop the dirty litter out into a plastic bag.  Do this at least once a day. Flushing cat litter down the toilet is not a good idea.  Many people have overflowing toilets from doing this.  Especially, if you are using clumping litter, you should never flush it down the toilet.

Simply scoop out the feces and urine with a plastic scooper, that is in the box once or twice a day and throw it in the trash.  Once a week the best way of cleaning cat litter boxes is to completely empty the boxes and wash them out with soap and water.  This will prevent them from retaining the odor of urine and feces.  This can build up on the bottom of the box and eventually the cat will stop using the box.

If you have multiple cats, you should have one litter box per cat.  The best way of cleaning litter boxes for multiple cats is to pay attention to which boxes are used more often.  Sometimes cats will use one box more than others.  Just clean all the boxes everyday and the more frequently used box might need to be cleaned twice a day.

When cleaning cat litter boxes out each week with soap, make sure that you rinse all soap smell out of the box.  Use an unscented cat litter.  Most cats don’t care for scents.  If you have not removed all the clumped litter or feces from the box with the weekly cleaning, dilute some bleach with water about 1 part to 30.  Spray the litter box completely and wipe the liquid out of the box.  Let the box dry completely.  Bleach can cause kidney problems in animals if they are around it too much.  After the box has completely dried add fresh litter.

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