Keeping Cats Out Of Your Garden

If you’re having trouble keeping cats out of your garden, you need to start by securing the boundaries of your garden or back yard. Cats are very agile and can creep under or climb most fences with relative ease.

Once they get in, keeping cats out of your garden can be a real challenge. Some people opt to have their dog hang out in the garden t

o scare cats away. Of course, not all dogs dislike cats, so it may be necessary to train your pet to chase away intruding cats; but even if your dog loves cats, the feeling may not be mutual, so a dog can be a good deterrent.

Another way to repel felines is to use water. Most cats hate getting wet, so use this to your advantage. If you see a cat in your garden, a well aimed burst from a hose, squirt gun or a bucket of water thrown their way will go a long way towards keeping cats out of your garden. Cats are smart enough to figure out that when they come into your yard, they’re going to get soaked and will soon st

eer clear of your garden.

There are also ways that you can protect your plants from marauding cats. Many people say that mothballs work very well to repel cats.

Motion activated sprinklers are another method of keeping cats out of your garden. When the motion detector senses movement, it will begin sprinkling the area, soaking the cat.

High f

requency sound can also repel cats. These sounds are inaudible to humans, but cats can’t stand them.

Commercial animal repellants are another option. These products contain chemicals which can contaminate your garden and shouldn’t be used near food plants. They’re available at any garden center and some department stores and generally do a good job of keeping cats out of your garden as well as other animal pests.

Cats getting into your garden can be a real problem. If you’re diligent about taking action to keep them out, you can make your garden a feline free zone soon enough. Just secure your boundaries, try water and if that doesn’t work, move on to essential oils or chemical repellants.

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  1. Jenyfer says:

    Well, wet food cats like more but dry is alot better for them.Iams is the best and just chsooe which one best fits your cat.For litter try the small pieces like the rocks you want those smaller so they can fall out of there scoop away.ans they should have that all at petsmart. :]hope it helps

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